I love making portraits. It's the cornerstone of what I do. Truly, the only absolute must-have items any time I work are a person, a light source, me, and my camera rig. The pieces and scenes change, but these are the basis for all that I do. And I have done some really incredible, fun, interesting portraits. I love to make good headshots, whether for your LinkedIn profile or an audition, for your online presence or your mother's wall. No one deserves to have cropped group shots from a party as their profile picture. So I offer inexpensive, quick headshots in my neighborhood, to meet local folks and do my part to beautify the internet. I have done some awesome projects, like a totally lgbtqia photo shoot for a boutique lingerie company where we made product shots and environmental portraits to showcase the ethically-made undergarments and cool queer-identified folks who wear them. And I have worked with musicians like Michelle Chamuel of The Voice to create album art and press photos, working as a team to realize the vision of a true artist. I have made portraits of actors, scientists, yoga masters, body positivity gurus, administrators, students, doctors, lawyers. I have made these portraits in theaters, parks, homes, backyards, at Harvard University, in the Arnold Arboretum, in the Southwest Corridor, in Brookline, in Boston, in Jamaica Plain, in Cambridge. Wherever you are, I can be there, camera in hand, ready to make an image that will capture who you are.