Families come in all kinds of configurations, and are constantly moving and changing. Documenting families as they grow together is one of the great privileges of the work I do as a photographer. Whether you want to document your family as you add a new child, a first pet, a step-parent, you name it, or as you mark the passage of time or reach a milestone together, I feel lucky to be there as your portrait photographer. I make portraits of families in the Boston area, at beautiful locations such as the Arnold Arboretum and around Jamaica Plain, at Larz Anderson Park in Brookline, in the Boston Public Garden and the Boston Common, all around the city of Boston in many of its gorgeous nooks and crannies, and throughout New England. I've photographed families in Keene, New Hampshire, in parks all through Massachusetts, at historical sites in Concord, at Castle Island on the beach, in Maine at sunset, in fields, and homes, and apartments, and farms. Wherever we go together, my clients and I are spending valuable time documenting the most important aspect of family photos: family. Your family may have two moms, two dads, a single parent, grandparents raising kids, a poly family, a trans parent, a cis parent, foster parents, or even a mom and dad. Whatever your family is and whoever you all are, I love to make photographs telling your stories.