Boston Common Wedding
M. Davidson-Schapiro Photography

Boston Common Wedding

In this photograph you'll see a beaming Asian man dressed in his wedding day tuxedo. What you won't see is the beautiful Park Street Church near the Boston Common, where we made this image together. You won't see the joy on the faces of his loved ones, or his phenomenal bride waiting to walk down the aisle. But you can imagine the happiness that awaits him over the course of his day spent at the church, in the Boston Common afterward, or at the reception at the beautiful Omni Parker House. 

If you are a person about to be married, you're likely working overtime to find the best wedding photographer in Boston for you and your person. Perhaps you want someone who's worked at your venue, be it the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain, a cool restaurant in Back Bay like Deuxav, a hip spot in the South End like the Beehive, the Public Gardens, or Beacon Hill, or your alma mater (Boston College, Boston University, Harvard, Emmanuel College, Northeastern, Simmons, Wentworth, MassArt, or any of the many colleges and universities in the city ad surrounding towns) or a church like St. Cecelia's, or maybe you just want a fresh eye from someone who's going to make you feel comfortable and incredible on your wedding day. 

Whatever your priorities, you want to find a wedding photographer who can work in any condition and season: day, night, winter, spring, summer, fall, sunny days or cloudy afternoons. I'm an experienced photographer capable of shooting in low light, bright sun, and any lighting environment you can throw at me.