Rachel + Adam

What do you get when you have three professionals devoted to their work all together in one rented studio space?

Magic. That’s what.

Rachel and Adam and I all worked together for the first time way back in 2013, for their charming Boston seaport wedding. I should have known they were my ideal clients when they actually shifted their planned wedding date so that I would be free to photograph the big day. Over the years, we’ve found many chances to work together again–on portraits of them together and separately, for the career each is pursuing with incredible passion and dedication.

Rachel is the founder and CEO of More To Love,™ where she has created an incredible community of self-love and yoga for every body. The work she does through yoga and coaching is nothing short of amazing, guiding people to find their place in the practice of yoga and in their own bodies. Working with Rachel is always a dream, because she has the most genuine smile and an ease in front of the camera.

Rachel’s husband Adam is a licensed optician who also happens to be legally blind. The work he does is both personal and professional, helping his patients navigate the process of getting glasses and lenses, while also having an intimate knowledge of what it’s like to go through the world as a person with low vision. Adam, too, just exudes warmth in front of the camera, though he’s happiest telling a story about work or something funny that’s happened to him lately rather than being still for a pose.

Our task on Sunday was to get together and create portraits of Rachel and Adam, and incorporate their work into the photos we made. We headed to our Breather space on Newbury Street, and got to work. We spent time taking traditional headshots in front of a backdrop, then moved on to images of yoga breathing, mindful journaling, and even the use of a lensometer! It was a blast helping these two create images that highlight their careers and passions.

Until next time, friends.

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