E + J Married

Have you ever wished you were a rock star? Well, despite my utter lack of musical talent, I sure have. And Emily and Jordan’s gorgeous, musician-friendly wedding at Glen Magna in Danvers, Massachusetts let me feel, at least for one evening, that I was part of a family of rock goddesses, gods, and other mythical creatures.

The day felt incredibly special and personal, with everyone getting ready in the historic Massachusetts estate, Glen Magna, that would serve as the backdrop for the entire event. Friends were visiting the Boston area from Nashville, and many were experiencing New England for the first time. And what a day to experience it, with gorgeous weather (at least at first) and the greenest grounds you could imagine.

The good weather didn’t last, but by the time it started pouring, everyone was fully immersed in the party held in the tent, with live karaoke and special songs dedicated to the couple. I’ve never been to a wedding that had such an amazing concert as its reception, and it’s not one I’ll soon forget.

Here are some of my favorite images from the day:

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