Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I’d like to book you for my wedding/portrait sitting/family reunion/next Tuesday! How do I go about doing that?

A: First things first, send me an email or message through the website and tell me a little about your event. Let me know the date, size, what you’re looking for, and any budget parameters you think I need to know. If I’m free, which I hope I am because your event sounds awesome (I can already tell it sounds awesome), I’ll send you my pricing.  You’ll pick out a package or various à la carte options, and I’ll draw up a contract for you to sign. Then you’ll return the contract with a deposit and we’re in business!


Q: How much is the deposit?

A: A typical deposit is 25% of your package total, but I’ve been known to negotiate a different good-faith amount for clients or use a simple flat fee for smaller packages.


Q: Before I’m signing contracts and sending deposits, I feel like I should know you a little better. What’s your deal?

A: Understandable! M. Davidson-Schapiro Photography is Michelle Davidson-Schapiro. Nice to meet you! I’m a mostly self-taught photographer, with experience in both film and digital, and I’ve been shooting professionally on a decent scale since 2011. I‘ve done weddings, family portraits, engagement sessions, sporting events, even a little pet photography. I’m game for most everything and I love what I do. If you have more questions, just ask. Before booking, of course I’d love to meet with you. And check out the About section for a blurb about my business.


Q: Do you have a second shooter?

A: I don’t work with a second shooter, but if it’s important to you I’d be happy to discuss options. Honestly, I am pretty good at what I do and have never had any issues with not being able to cover what needs covering at a wedding. Just ask my clients—they’ll tell you about my uncanny ability to be right where they need me when they need me. My ears prick up when I hear “photo.”


Q: Where are you located? Will you travel?

A: I’m in Boston but will travel all over New England, and beyond if needed. Travel fees will come into play when I need to go beyond a certain radius from Boston but they are really reasonable.


Q: Do you shoot in black and white/vintage filters/sepia/et cetera?

A: The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that I shoot in color but can edit your final images in whatever style appeals to you. I typically edit in color and then convert a set to black and white, so when I deliver the photos to you, you receive all my edits both in color and black and white. If there’s a particular look that you love, just let me know and I’m sure I can make it happen. The one exception is those photos where everything is black and white except for a single rose or something. I won’t do that (unless you ask me really nice).


Q: Do you do prints/albums/coffee mugs with my face on them?

A: Of course! I offer some really beautiful prints in a variety of finishes and paper types from a professional lab. I can do anything from standard sizes to super large prints. The world is your oyster, print-wise, and I urge you to take advantage, even if just for one enlargement to hang in your hallway and gaze upon adoringly. As for albums, I offer bound book-style albums and some really beautiful high-end leather-bound books with lie-flat pages. And obviously I can get you a coffee mug with your face on it. You deserve it.


Q: Can I look at my photos online?

A: Why, yes you can! I will host your photos in a password-protected album on my site. You can share the link with family and friends, and everyone is able to order prints from me or just view the photos. I’ll also post select photos to my business Facebook page, so make sure you ‘like’ the page.


Q: When will I get my photos?

A: Typically around 4 weeks after the event. This will vary, obviously, since I am a human rather than an editing robot, but that’s always my goal. A lot of times I am actually able to get edits done ahead of schedule, but in the peak summer and fall months, sometimes it takes longer.


Q: What kind of gear do you have?

A: I shoot with Nikon professional bodies and lenses. I'd be happy to extoll the virtues of my gear any time! Just ask.


Any other questions? Ask away and I’ll add them to the FAQ!

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